Wondering if this going anywhere?

i work with this girl, she's cool and i really like her, we went out a couple times and she said she wanted to just be friends. Thing is we've been hanging out a lot lately, she texts me and calls me daily and she comes over to my house sometimes, she came over and she will be all over me, she plays with my hair, holds my hand etc, she even bit me one time, that was a little weird, it hasn't really gone any further than that though and she did say she "just wanted to be friends" I am just wondering if I have a chance or if its friend zone


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  • Have you told her how you feel? If not then lay your cards out on the table and let her know how you feel about her so then it's up too her but it sounds like she does like you but she could possibly be scared of getting hurt or getting rejected girls aren't usually the ones too make the first move and tell a guy they like them, I know I'm certainly not, and even if she doesn't feel the same way at least you know how she feels and can move in so you're not waiting for her and you both could continue your friendship you already have

  • Personality can play a big role in this. My friend acts exactly like this and she would do it frequently to guys and was described as a cock tease and she'd tell me that she was just friends with the guy/s. It was just how she was although I'm sure it's not a common characteristic like I for one would only do that if I liked the guy but if I was to say I "just wanted to be friends" it means I like you but I'm implying that I'm probably not ready for something more just yet.


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