If you just started dating someone and they are dating other people would it bother you?

To clarifiy, I just started dating someone (3 dates) and they have been putting me off for a while and literally told me they are dating other people as well. So I figured she chose someone else over me because she put me off for about 2 weeks. Then she asked me to hang out one week later and the this week put me off again.

I mean I dont really know her that well, just the basics. Do you think at this point its the move to another one point? I mean she has the right to decide until a certain point.

What should I do?


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  • When you date, you date. No one should expect this girl to suddenly stop seeing other people because you graced her with an invite. It is expected she is seeing other people after only three dates. You need to step it up a notch and make sure she wants to see YOU more.

    Remember that seeing people does NOT always equate to screwing people.

    I would be surprised at your age if you met someone not alredy seeing other people, it is the privelege of youth. :) Don't expect her to give up her other dates until you make it plain you want to see her exclusively, then don't think she is automatically going to say yes.

    HINT: make your date plans a pretty good time in advance with this one, like a week out.


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  • no I wouldn't be bothered. I actualy expect it. most guys are dating more than 1 woman. it isn't as if I truly expect a guy to have no other women in his life until I came along, that's crazy. I just wouldn't want to feel like I am last choice. as long as I get time to spend with him and see him when I want (within reason) I don't worry about other women. we aren't exclusive or seriously dating so I just don't let it bother me.

  • Yeah it'd bother me a little bit.. I might even stop dating them if they were to do that

  • Ugh. Sounds like a whole lot of drama you don't need. Move on man.


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