Guys who used to be chubby, would you date a chubby girl?

Okay guys lets say you lost a noticeable amount of weight, would you go for a chubby girl? or a skinny girl?

its a silly question but i'm just curious :P


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  • Skinny ^.^ most based on personality but if it come down to what i would rather have a skinny girl i worked hard for my body, To me a girl that doesn't take care of her body and cares more about what she wears and how much make up she putting on , and buy pull up bra's just shows how lazy she is

    • For all those people out there that say they ain't got no time for it i wake up early every morning so i can do it, Not saying i won' date a girl that was bigger, i fell in love with a girl that that was curvy but i fell in love with her not her body. so the end thing to take out of it is love will happen no matter what you look like

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  • Skinny. I used to be ugly and did gym for years. Now I am ok with a great body. I made a plan. The chubby lady didn't. I am attracted now to healthier, thinner people only.

  • i've lost much more than 100 pounds in the past and yeah i prefer chubbier girls than skinnier ones


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