Why is my ex being rude to me?

My ex got in contact with me again a few months ago, we talked briefly, snap chatted each other and also talked on the phone quickly. He kept complimenting me saying that I'm so sexy etc, but I found out recently he was actually dating a girl at the time (when he got in contact with me again). Every time we would talk, he would upload a photo of him and his 'girlfriend' on social media claiming he's in love with her etc, knowing that I would see the photo most likely. I've know Dan Bilzerian a celebrity icon for a long time and he found out that I had been talking to him. My ex started to become really blunt with me and quite rude. I confronted my ex and said that we shouldn't be probably speaking if he's got a girlfriend (my ex) and he didn't agree to at the time, saying that I wouldn't mess up his relationship. When he found out that I had been talking to this Dan guy, my ex told me that I was really annoying and that we shouldn't speak. I am unfortunately still quite in love with my ex as we did date for about 2 years.


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  • The jealousy is real lol... i see many flags in this. what i don't see is what YOU want. and if what you want is your Ex...**buzzer sound**... try again.

    • Jealousy on who's part?

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    • But if he's jealous, doesn't that normally mean there's feelings involved? Aka you wouldn't get jealous over something that you didn't care about right?

    • feelings can be positive or negative. if he feels you are his property, and then you are "talking" to someone else, he can be jealous. jealousy is a virus that can creep in from any angle. regardless of what kind of feelings, good or bad, but whenever it sets in, its Never good. thats my point.


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  • you were a booty call for him but when he realized you are talking to this dan guy he knows that he's out of his league and doesn't wants to waste anymore time
    Stop talking to him, you deserve way way wayyyyyyyy better

  • Because he does not like you.


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  • Doesn't matter why but cut off all contact