Friendzone or not, what should I do?

So this girl I like and I went out on a few dates, she said she just wanted to be friends. She kept calling and texting and now she is flirting with me a lot, like playing with my hair, playing footsie, holding my hand, she has even been "play wrestling" with me and biting me (weird I know) tonight I asked her where we stand, I told her I like her as more than a friend and am not really comfortable being just friends, she tried to side step the question and then would not give me an answer. I told her she was really confusing me and she really didn't have anything to say, she didn't say yes but she didn't say no... what do I do, should I move on or do I have a chance with her?


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  • I would move on. It sounds like she just wants your attention, even though she doesn't like you. If she can't be upfront about things, then she's not worth your time.


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  • Stop all contact with her for a few days and see what happens. She needs to figure out what she's feeling, because it sounds like she's confused.

  • Well she's confused to and hasn't decided where you exactly stand. either she woke up and realize "hey I might fish him out the friend zone and give him a try!" She could also be caught in her feelings and doesn't know what to do...

  • Sounds like she's confused as well. She seems unsure. I was in the position not that long ago, but the guy ended up making a move, and now we have to have the "official talk."

    Hope the girl comes around. Best of luck, man.


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