Guys, what are your thoughts when cuddling with a girl?

Like what goes on in your head? As a girl I know I think stuff like oh man, I hope I don't snore or my arm is falling asleep but I'm so comfortable I don't want to move or we are spooning and if I suck in maybe he won't feel like little stomach pooch. Hahaha that's right, girls are dumb.


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  • Brain: AAAAAAAAH!~ So nice and relaxing
    Penis: My s-sense tingling. ITS A LADY! Going rogue boss man
    Brain: Wait! DONT! You're going to ruin it. DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT and awkward boner
    Penis: *creepy voice* hue hue hue
    Brain: YOU ASS!
    Penis: *creepy voice* hue hue hue dat booty
    Brain: I meant you, you twat. But you're right its a nice butt. I wonder if this is making making her uncomfortable
    Penis: Maybe she likes it. Ask her bro
    Brain: FAWK NO! Let's fall asleep and deal with the this later. Goodnite you dick
    Penis: *creepy voice* hue hue hue

    • Hahahaha this was the most hilarious response to read. Thank you!!! That was awesome

    • Thanks for MHO


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  • pre-sex cuddling I think ohh yaaaa I'm got this! ;D
    Post-sex cuddling I think Whewww that was gooood. I gotta peee now.

  • Guys are soooo much dumber... They think oh shit hell yeah I'm about to get some haha

    • Bahahaha... but what if you don't "get some"? Any other thoughts running through your head or is it really all about he nookie?

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    • Aahhh so it is all about the nookie.

      Ok so what doesn't mean if a guy cuddles with you and you spend the night but he doesn't make any attempt to get it on?

    • Yep... Same difference... Just means he's respectful

  • Hmm I'm usually just thinking about stuff I have to do tomorrow, errands and what not. Kinda depends on the situation tho. If we're talking then it's about the conversation.

  • I'll let you know once I find one willing to cuddle.

  • I feel calm.

  • Wish i could touch the boobs


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