Why do the girls I find interesting have kids?

So after I met this girl about 5-6 months ago we started having a thing. Not going to lie, I completely fell for her. I can honestly say she is my first love. But I was just a rebound and I failed to see that. After she was over her baby daddy, she threw me to the side and got with a coworker. Took time but I moved on. Now on Friday I meet this girl at a club I get her number, we text and all. I ask her out to dinner for thi Saturday she says yes. I know she is interested in me. And well the more I know about her the more Im interested. Even though we have very active conversations, she completely stops texting me after like 6 or 7. This happened on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Monday I said I wasn't going to text her on Tuesday and just wait till Friday . When I wake up I see she texted me saying "have a good day :)" so obviously I was all happy but just wished her a good day. Later I go on fb and I look her up to add her and see that she has a daughter. I don't know how to feel about that. I mean I don't mind.. I never had but after the last girl.. having to deal with the baby daddy and just bad experience. I'm still interested in her. And I can't wait till Saturday to see her again.. it's just.. I don't know what to think... like I'm only 22... but I have a feeling she is a good match for me from what I've gotten to know of her. Maybe I'm just thinking too much of it and should just wait till we go to dinner... what do you guys think?


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  • Okay. Take this advice seeing as im a 23 yr old single mom. My daughters father is crazy but that doesn't mean I see him. Let me say moms love harder and dont play games. she's been through a lot and I doubt she wants to pressure you with her daughter. Id say just ask her of the relationship with the dad yet enjoy your time. she's not going to bring her daughter in the relationship for some time. Imagine her just wanting to protect her daughter as well. she's a real person too if you come to love her, you'll come to love her daughter someday without a second thought so just enjoy the time you have with her and just see where it goes :)

    • I absolutely agree! I understand how things will be if everything goes well. When she is ready she will bring her daughter around. I guess Its because I was doing so much for the other girl and her kid that when she just brushed me to the side I told myself no more girls with kids but then I meet this girl and I see she has a daughter.. she doesn't know I know.. I'm sure she will tell me when she's ready if we decide to take it the next step... but for right now you're right I'll just continue to see where things go.. go to dinner with her and if things get serious well than I guess I'll have to buy a car seat! Lol

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  • Most people in their 20s have kids. Ok well I don't know the exact percentage breakdown- but a lot of people have kids in their early 20s. I notice the same thing, most of my friends have children and most guys I know and meet have them too. Not everybody has the same situation, so not all people will have baby mama/daddy drama so I wouldn't immediately write off someone because they have kids

  • Imthink maybe you like girls that are more mature and experienced more life maybe? Most moms are more mature and experienced then girls without kids their age. They've been through more

    • I guess that could be it. Because some girls my age I find annoying because they don't know what they want and stuff like that. I'm not saying I know exactly what I want but I for sure don't want games and being around the bush! The only thing I do find strange is how she just completely stops texting after a fewhile texts but I'm guessing is because of her daughter. She doesn't know I know and I'm not going to tell her. I'm going to let her tell me when she's ready.

  • Just see how it goes, but don't wear your heart on your sleeve.


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