Why won't my ex who cheated leave me alone?

we were together for two years. he cheated on me, in fact not just once, found out about him basically having another girlfriend during our "relationship" if you even want to call it that. i was heartbroken, etc etc. it has been a year. I have moved on with my life. However, all year he would call my number once a week/ once a fortnight. sometimes I would respond I would get mixed messages. sometimes he would want to catch up other times he just said I miss you. I have never seen him since we broke up. I eventually changed my number as I was over him ringing me. I thought that was it finally but then 2 months later he created a new Facebook account saying Hi how have you been hope you are well I really miss you would love to hear from you and sent a few pics of us together. however he deactivated it so I can't block it. I have seen him on dating sites and fb though he is persuing other women heavily. why won't he stop harassing me considering how much he hurt me. why why why? won't he stop trying to cause me more pain?


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  • You know the saying " You never know what you have until it's gone", well now he realizes that he had an amazing, faithful and caring lady by his side and he screwed it all up. He took you for granted and now he misses how good you made him feel. He is immature and you deserve better than that.

  • Its just guilty conscience. Cheaters never change. Do not entertain him.