I have plenty of male friends but no one wants to date me?

So guys like me as a friend and I've had quite few suggestions from guys to be fuck buddies. Is it just the age that most guys don't want anything serious or what's wrong with me? I know I'm not the prettiest girl and relatively ugly but not every guy is Brad Pitt either.


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  • Perhaps you should work on finding some female friends. Let's be real... if you are friends with all of these guys then they are only going to look at you as a friend. That is of course one of them is already holding interest in you romantically prior to friendship. & if you ever were to sleep with any of these friends then you can bet on it that they all know who you slept with regardless of that guy saying he wouldn't tell anyone. No from an outside perspective... if a guy who didn't know you saw you hanging out with all these guys, that would a turn off in the sense that it can reflect two ways on who you are as a person... You could be a girl that is just real laid back and can hang with the boys or you can be the girl that sleeps around in the group of guys...
    Men want a feminine woman. That completes them in a relationship, compliments them. They say men date their mothers and women date their fathers... so by that I take that a man looks for someone that could take care of them and be the FEMALE in their life... not just another one of the guys.
    I think you'd benefit from meeting some girls. You are in school no? Start to distance yourself a bit from the boys and let them see a new side of you. Embrace who you are as a woman. Men will take notice. Even the guys who only viewed you as a friends with benefits .

    I hope that makes sense.


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  • Your profile picture makes you look nice don't sell yourself short, its sad. There are men out there who would be too afraid to approach you in public im sure. I don't know, maybe you are too emotionally distant with people and they think that you're the kind of person who views sex in less than intimate terms. Just start projecting your intentions and desires into your actions and words more. There are men out there who want something serious in every age group, finding them isn't always easy because many of them are cowards or just not your type. You have to sift through a lot of mud to find the diamond.

  • It's because you're friendzoning yourself. If you are around a guy you find attractive, dont' be his "buddy". Let him know you are interested in dating.

  • A lot of guys only want sex. You probably prefer hanging around outgoing player-type guys, and that's why they only want you for sex. If you're like most girls our age, you probably overlook the quieter guys, some of whom might want a serious relationship with you. Girls complain that guys only want the girls with the stripper bodies, but girls only want the most outgoing and suave guys. Start trolling in different waters.

  • " I know I'm not the prettiest girl and relatively ugly"

    not true.. but you knew that already and wanted the compliment.

    • "But you knew that already and wanted the compliment."

      Not true.. but I understand why you might think that.

    • @Alennaa
      I too have looked at your photo. :)

  • You have nothing else to offer. Same as every other person who asks this question; you're generic and thus not worth more than the generic relationships between males and females which is sex. You want more? Be more.


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  • They are treating you like a toy. Its not worth it. Unless you would like the sexual experience.