Should I ask this girl on a date, or should I move on?

I asked this girl I really like to get coffee and she said yes. So we went over the weekend. When I said that I had a lot of fun, and her response was, "yeah, thanks for the coffee by the way". Admittedly we were in a quite part of the library when we had to split up, but still. It's possible that I haven't done enough to make it clear that I have feelings for her, coffee is a really small thing. But at the same time, I don't want to be the guy that can't take a hint. I don't know whether I should try asking her on a real date, or move on?


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  • if you're unsure of her, ask her out on another hangout or real date. I would say go with the real date though.


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  • You know what would help you make your mind up? Asking her for another coffee :P