Am I in good place with her or not?

I've been texting this girl for last 2-3 weeks. I've been hitting all the marks good with her keeping, not overdoing it. I've intiate conversation a few times, but she always reply fast majority time, sometime takes forever to. I compliment her occasionally and flirt a little bit. Recently she began inviting conversation like texting good morning and asking what I'm doing (not sure she's just being nice lol).

She's very pretty and probably use to a lot of guys trying to get at her, but she's also very genuine and we click. The issue in getting at is she's pulls back at times like shows interest and then falls back a bit. She will play it cool and laid back. She doesn't necessarily flirt back, but that's her personality. She lets guy come to her. She literally hates being on phone, I've gotten her on phone once lol, she will text reply fast talk and show interest, but not talk on phone :/

couple days ago she texted me at night and I forgot to reply and went to bed. Next morning she texts me good morning, I still didn't reply because I was busy then couple hours later texts me. We aren't friends anymore loser, you didn't reply. I don't know what to take of that lol.

I need some advice and direction with this girl.


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  • Steezus Khryst... don't keep screwing around. What the hell is wrong with you kids? Are you waiting for another guy to snatch her up.

    With all the mf'ing texting effort she could have had a few orgasms from your fingers by now. Just meet her f2f and ask her out. If she says no, move on. if she says yes, after a few dates tell you have crush on her if you see she has an interest in you. Ask he how she feels about commitment. It is either yeas or no. If she commits, love her and treasure her and maybe she will do so in return. If she says no to commitment and you want a steady, committed girl move on.

    Is any of this that goddamn fudging hard?


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  • She sounds a lot like me. She probably sent that so you could Text her back. Just text her. I hate texting games. Going through something like that right now and I dont like it haha. Its stressful, more then it needs to be. She probably tried to get a rise out of you cause she wants to hear from you :)

  • Sounds like she's just being playful


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  • hahaa. she sounds funny. I think that last remark was a joke and I also think that you accidently forgetting to reply might make her a little more interested in you. anyways its been like 2-3 weeks, take it to the next level.

    • I always forget to reply to her. She's pretty interested now. She just keeps falling back, I guess because she had bad past relationship she got them issues. Probably think Ima play her lol

    • she might be getting advice from girls on here you never know hahaa.