This one is for all gays and lesbians... I wanna know what prejudices there really are today...

. I wanna know what prejudices really make life insufferable for you in 2009-2010. I'm not talking about juvenile jokes. I mean real prejudices that make life hard... As always, tell it below.

And this is strictly for info. Gays and Lesbians only on this question, please.


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  • Well, I'm bi, and would honestly probably prefer to get married to a woman someday, but it's kind of, um, illegal where I live, as well as most of the rest of the country. And, honestly, at the moment, it's really difficult to be in a relationship with a girl, because people are always looking at you oddly if you go on dates and kiss or whatever in public. It's not, like, insufferable, as you put it, but that's because I live in one of the more liberal parts of the country. If I lived further down south or in some of the more conservative parts of the country, the prejudices probably would be somewhat unbearable.


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