How long does it usually take to get over a 5 yr, very stressful, relationship?

I e been with a guy for 5 years now and we keep making up and breaking up. Why do I keep puttjng up with this heartache?


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  • between a week to yr entire life
    we usually dont forget stuff but the best way to deal with a break up is to start living, go out meet new people. Talk to them about life and stuff share your story listen to theirs.
    In short the quicker you start talking about the pain you endured the quicker you will get rid of it

    • Well I'm pretty independent and I also work a whole lot so it's not really a breakup type heartache. It's just I fin myself holding back or I guess waiting for him or things to change. Even though I know are relationship is toxic. I feel like I can't move foward in my love life because its always in the back. of my mind.. I can't move on and it's been this way are whole relationship. On for a little bit, off for a. lot. I feel like I'm holding. on to all the good. times because I'm convinced he's the one. But if he's the one then why is it so unstable?

    • well get some insight from new people, go to a party or maybe a bar and spill your heart out to random strangers and see what they haveto say aboutit


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  • "For every month you were together, give it a week."

    I forgot who told me that, but it has seemed to work, at least to the point when I stop thinking about it and it is no longer a problem for me, but it depends on who got hurt as well

    • Yeah its been a while since we've broken up and it's the 3rd or.4th time it's happened. So km immune to it all... I'm Okay Going Out, going On dates and socializing. . I just can't wait for the day I can say I've moved on and I don't wanna try this again with you.. but I feel like I'll never feel that way. But thanks so. much for. your advice :)

  • an equal amount of time, I dated a girl for three years and 4 years later am I just able to feel like I can love again. Trut me it's not over, but you have hell ahead of you.

  • Like 10 years.


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