GUYS: Opinion On Girl Calling You To Talk?

in today's day and age texting seems to make phone calls one of the most romantic gestures of life LOL. i want to know your opinion on a girl (who you both know you're into each other) calling you just to chat?

there's this guy and he's called me a couple times to talk, just to talk, and it's always a nice surprise. i wanna just call him and talk tonight but he still hasn't responded to my text from yesterday. think it's ok?

yes, we like each other and we have hung out, not quite dating (at least we haven't talked about that yet) but i figured if he's called me to randomly talk a few times, i can do the same? LOL


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  • I can get nervous when I'm talking on the phone but a call does seem better than a text.
    If a girl I liked called me just to talk, I'd love it. Granted I'd be a nervous mess but that's just me and tbh, I'd be like that even if she just waved at me. XD


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  • Of course you can do the same. I do not text. Picking up the phone and calling is much easier and personal

  • Calling is a more personal thing to do, I always prefer to do that with people just in general. If you start calling him out of nowhere just to speak together im sure that he'll be receptive to it and appreciate it for the sweet gesture it is, especially if this romantic attraction of yours is mutual.


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