How should I ask him if he wants to be a FWB?

I've known this guy for quite some time. Last year things between got kind of sexual. He would grope me sometimes but after awhile he had to stop because he was afraid it would ruin our friendship. This year, things are more touchy-feely between us. We hug a lot and he would kiss my forehead often. He would also rest his head on mine with his arm around my shoulder. He's stopped the groping but I'm wondering if friends with benefits is the way to go, that way we can do what we want and not feel guilty? He's also afraid of leading me on.


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  • friends with benefits is the best option if you still want to have a connection with him. As long as you know neither of you have little to no feelings for each other, a friends with benefits relationship should work out. The problem is that someone will go into one and they begin to develop feelings for the other person; so watch out! ;)


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  • Why is a real relationship not an option?

    • Because he's told me he hasn't got feelings for me (well he did have but stoppe because he's afraid of ruining the friendship)

    • If you have feelings for him, or think there's a chance you could develop feelings, then I would advise against a friends with benefits setup. If you fall, and he doesn't, you WILL get hurt.