What is this girl doing? Please help?

I met this girl about 7 weeks ago. She started talking to me and showing all the signs like hair twirling, playing with hands, laughing etc. She messages me that night on Facebook. We just had small talk and then we started flirting with each other. We met up and things were going great. We talked all the time. We're both in high school by the way. I liked her previously for a while, but never spoke to her and she was showing signs then. She got a boyfriend and so I lost interest, but they broke up a while back about four months ago. I started to develop strong feelings for her and started to think I could actually get my first girlfriend (sounds so beta). She drew a picture of us together like talking and laughing. She showed all the signs. I told her how I felt at the end of the first week (probably shouldn't have done that). She said that is was cute and it made her smile so much. We hung out again twice the next week, but it started to get weird. She said she was busy with friends one time so she couldn't and one time she didn't turn up. She kept trying to talk later that day to me like nothing was wrong. I messages her asking why she didn't turn up and she said she forgot. I asked her if this was going to any further and she said she isn't ready for a relationship right now. Weeks go by she is still trying to talk to me and starts every conversation and flirting. So anyway this week we were messaging and all of a sudden she stopped replying. She didn't reply for two days. So I deleted her of Facebook, because I think she was using me for an ego boost or liked the attention. She messages me later on that day asking if she will see me tomorrow. I didn't respond. The next day we were in the same area and we kept making eye contact and she kept smiling at me. She started taking and being playful with other guys while looking at me. She kept walking by me and being loud while looking at me. What does she want from me? Should I leave it? Sorry for the long read.


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  • by far one of the most heartfelt questions I've read on a long time.. you seem like you know what your options are its just a matter of choosing. if you really like her i would try again. it seems like you didn't really have a real gf bf relationship. so give it another shot and try to break down whatever was holding back the relationship before.


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  • I think she may like you but at the moment she probably isn't ready to get into another relationship too soon.


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  • Hey man, long read indeed and no offense but I usually don't leave my opinion on too much of the HS stuff but I got a pretty strong sense of authenticity when I read this so I stuck with it and it didn't sound like a 2nd grader wrote it either so I am going to give you my opinion here.

    First let me say it sounds like you have pretty good instincts here and that you aren't fully listening to them. When you say things like how you told her your feelings by the end of the week I think you were right, maybe a touch early but ehh definitely not a huge deal. When I see other guys post similar things/statements like that, 95% of the time I give them a much more stronger opinion on how that was a bad idea. But I get a rare sense of genuineness from you, so here I'm saying not a big deal.

    Again, when I first seen this I was like ok another "nice guy" problem post here. But not really this is different. And trust me, that is a very good thing. So now to the point here.

    Seems to me like again your instincts are right, this girl has begun to use you for attention. And I think you are far too genuine of a person to allow yourself to be used like that, and I know you know this. I wouldn't say this is a lost case here, but best thing to do is just withdraw yourself from this a bit. But don't do it in a bitter way, you will just give her what she's seeking. For example, maybe deleting her on FB shows it upsets you just a little too much. You feel me there? It's great to get your point across man, but get it just enough across without giving too much.

    Her doing that with other guys is the most blatant sign here she is toying with you. Give her the cold shoulder and pay no attention to that menial behavior. Guarantee this girl will be like a cat, the less you pay attention to it the more it will be purring and rubbing up on your leg.

    I'm not saying to play the "game" here totally but, you're too good to let this crap get to you. Hope this helps you man.