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I like this girl but every time I see her I tell my self yo talk to her and ssk her out. When I try I get nervous and don't. I'm a shyer type. Would it be bad to send her message asking to talk to her about something personal/ important and say is there a good time? Or is that a bad idea. I mean I have her number and we are friends over Facebook. Or text her saying can I talk to you sometime about something on my heart. With that being wanting to ask her out. Also how can you tell if a girl wants to date with out asking her?


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  • Do you guys talk at this point? If you guys aren't talking yet. It wouldn't be a good idea to ask her out just yet. Since you have her number, shoot her text saying hey or say something cool and try to get into a conversation. If you already do talk and have a friendship relationship but you would like to take it further, then either ask her in real life, or just text her telling her you want to ask her something important. NEVER ASK A GIRL OUT OVER TEXT OR SOCIAL MEDIA. big no no. Hope this helps in a way


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  • Instead of adding anything else, just ask her straight up over a Facebook message or text message if she would like to hang out some time. As long as she knows a little about you and what you look like, she'd be able to make a decision on whether to go out on a date with you or not. But don't make it too intense by adding "I have something on my heart" or such.. that sounds a bit too much. Just keep things casual :)


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  • Hi,

    It's natural to be nervous about asking a girl out. I've asked girls out and it never gets any easier on the nervous system I can assure you.

    Now you can ask a girl out through a variety of different mediums, however asking a girl out in person (face-to-face) is the best way to ask a girl out as it shows you are sincere and it shows confidence. Another thing; if you are looking for a perfect opportunity to ask a girl out, the truth is there is rarely a perfect opportunity, you have to force the issue and ask her as soon as possible before someone else does.

    To answer your last question; there is never a sure fire way of knowing if a girl wants to date; if you think she is interested in you then what's the harm in asking her out?

    I hope I have helped you in some small way,