How to treat my boyfriend?

I have a new boyfriend but I don't know how to talk or flirt with him I'm always shy around him even in the hallways at school. Sometimes I hide away from him I really want to kiss/ hug him but I'm not use to all that we used to be friends but now that we're dating , it feels weird I really love him tho so I really need you guys advices please and thank you but please hurry up cause I dnt want to lose him and I dnt want him to lose him please help me.


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  • Its fine, you won't loose him if you dont flirt. Just talk to him, stop being so scared, act normal and be yourself around him and you will get over this issue
    Just remember be honest and be open


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  • Just a step of faith and courage

  • You don't want him to lose him?

    ... There's nothing really to it. Just offer basic compliments.


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