How to stay on his mind?

GUYS, just curious.. what are some things a girl does that keeps her (and only her) on your mind?


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  • oooh that's a tough one. usually a girl that is on my mind all the time, she doesn't have to do anything, she's on my mind because im just so fucking attracted to her.

    • Here's another question... even if she's on your mind do you always contact her in some way?

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    • Yeah if only I knew how to do that lololol. On a side note.. Always another girl? What's the deal with that? In this case I know he likes me as well.. but I guess that doesn't stop guys from talking to another girl? I never talk to more than one guy at a time. I don't get why guys do that haha.

    • well there is the saying "there is always a better girl". its like a thing guys say to each other to keep our hopes up incase the girl they're with at the time doesn't work out. but also because its true. anyways people are different.


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  • This is actually happening to me right now. This gal has been on my mind for a week.

    Are you talking about anyone in particular?

  • Hi,

    If I have a crush on a girl she is literally on my mind throughout the day. She doesn't have to do anything per say to be on my mind.


  • flirt, smile, laugh with him. Try to make plans with him.


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  • I need to know this too!!!

    • haha i really need to know...

    • haha me too :) I'm turning 18 in a few weeks and the guy I'm kind of with is 21 years old and I want to ensure I am on his mind all the time and only me. I need to know haha