Guys are confusing.. does he like me still?

I started dating a guy. When we met he was like literally shaking and sweating. he had never been with a girl before, We are both in our 20's. He had a flower and was real sweet. He met my family, i met his. He tells me he loves me a lot and seems very genuine. It is close to the end of the semester now (4 weeks). He started working this semester and says school has been tough. We were going to get together this weekend, but he said he can't visit me until the semester is over. I asked if he was upset with me and he said not at all just school is crazy. We went on talking about other things. He texted me this morning as usall with a good morning love text and texted he loves me once or twice. I guess i am concerned that he may be rethinking us or me even tho there is no real signs he is. Last week he was saying i am perfect, amazing, his first and last and he this week he still is saying he loves me and all but texts are kinda limited and slow in response. I am girl I overthink a lot and about all things and all little. things. What do y'all think? Is it cray to think he does not love me anymore just cuz he can't come over for four weeks? He still says he loves me tho


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  • Sounds like he is just wayyyyy busy with building up his career. College is a tough time sometimes and he does need to focus on getting it done so he can get a good job and make a living and be able to provide for his future family. I'm 95% sure by reading this that he does in fact still like you, its just that times are a bit tough for him right now. Just give it a bit for things to cool down and I'm sure it'll get back to normal :)


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  • Yeah last couple weeks of a semester are absolutely crazy. Just wait it out. If he is still avoiding you after the semester is up then you should probably start questioning something.