Would new bf/gf's past issue bother you?

Let me ask... You are interested in someone, you are thinking about starting to date... at some point you somehow find out that their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend still has nude/naughty pics of them and looks at them.

My question is... Would that matter to you? Would it matter that their ex still had nudes of them and looked at them? Would it bother you that their ex could essentially see your new boyfriend/girlfriend nude whenever they want? Or would it not be an issue?

NOTE: I am NOT looking to debate whether nude/naughty pics are right or wrong or good or bad... I am simply asking if you were interested in someone and you found out their ex still had and looked at those kinds of pictures... Would it cause any issues? Or would it not really matter to you?

  • No, it would not be a problem at all.
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  • I wouldn't be happy about it, but it wouldn't change anything.
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  • I would not be happy about it and would consider whether to keep dating them.
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  • Yes, it would be a problem and I would stop dating them.
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  • Other/it depends, I will leave a comment.
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  • What is, is. What good is getting offended?


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What Girls Said 3

  • Yes it is a big problem for me.
    I d simply ask for him to delete and not do it. Or if he thinks he cannot live without, i d tell go solve your problem get your shit together and come back to me. I am sorry but after 25 i have no time to waste for somethinb that s gonna lead high school level drama.

  • Ask the person to delete the pictures

  • I wouldn't love it, but it's the exes problem that she's not over him yet, not my problem.


What Guys Said 3

  • i'd more than likely be annoyed but it wouldn't stop me from dating the girl. it's not her fault that her ex is kinda slimy. i'd gauge my reaction off her. if it bothered her i would do what i could to get him to delete them and if it wasn't a big deal to her i'd stomach it and move on with our relationship. unless he starts trying to spread them. then i would definitely get involved in a proactive manner

  • Hi,

    I wouldn't be annoyed about because whether or not he has a nude picture makes no difference to me as he has already seen her naked plenty of times and has had sex with her plenty of times. He just has a reminder of what he used to have on his phone while I have the real deal.

    I do have to confess to finding the urge to send nude photos around as being profoundly strange if not incredibly stupid but it's certainly not something that would bother me.


  • Na, I got the real thing. I'd just hope she didn't want me to go and make the guy delete them, I hate having to bribe people coz it gets expensive!