Is it weird to have a dating phobia?

I'm a very chilled person and I won't want to be in a public situation which is meant to be intimate with someone I barely know. I find myself comfortable with going to a date-like restaurant with a close friend or even family.

Is it odd that I have this fear of putting effort with someone I barely know? If not, is there a way I can get into the dating scene without that anxious first date


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  • Start out by going to coffee or the movies for the first date. Both situations are very low-effort, but you'd still be able to get past that first date stage.


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  • i;ve got a dating-phobia... because dating, evolves into a relationship, then as a marriage and then you're... done

  • That would count as "odd" or "weird".

    • It's the anxiety and not knowing if the person is worth it that puts me off

    • Which I can understand. I don't have that problem though because I know that no one is worth my time and that my time is simply a gift given to those I enjoy.