He won't talk to me but keeps my cousin on facebook?

So I was dating this guy and things went badly and we don't even communicate anymore. I know when we were dating he was seeing her profile to see what I'm up to since he wasn't friends with me on Facebook. So now that things went badly and we don't talk I'm still wondering why he kept her on? He stopped talking to me out of hate and not wanting to deal with me so why keep her as a friend when they never talk and never were friends in the first place. And no he's not interested in her because she's a lot older and they are not each others types. Does it mean he still hasn't let me go or it could just mean he hasn't bothered to delete her. She posts often so it's not like he can easily ignore her on his feed so personally if I saw a cousin of a guy I was dating and didn't like I would delete that person so I don't have to deal with them or any of their people at all. Could it be he's not completely done with me or?


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  • I think its over

  • Just because you don't currently get along and aren't talking doesn't mean he doesn't care. He probably has complicated emotions for you. One thing you can be sure of is that he cares. He would have severed the tie otherwise.


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