My date (female) was super nervous, what does that mean?

Went on a date a few days ago, when we first met, she was talking about a hundred words a minute, often avoided eye contact or broke it off constantly looking elsewhere (to the side, the ground, etc then back at me) and seemed like as if she was highly caffeinated. Towards the end of the date, she seemed to normalize. What does it mean when a female is really nervous on a first date?


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  • Sounds like she likes you A LOT!!! This sounds like me when I was in my early 20's. Actually it sounds EXACTLY like me, how you said she seemed like she was highly caffeinated, that's literally exactly what this one guy told me when we were on our first date.


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  • It means she's nervous on first dates.

    • Well duh, but there's gotta be some kind of subtext here, i. e.: low self-esteem, hasn't dated much or in awhile, likes me and wants to make a good impression (obviously a good sign), etc. Or perhaps i'm looking too far into this?

    • No subtext. Take things at face value and you will go further.