Should I ask her out? Call her maybe?

So I absolutely would love to take this girl on a date however I'm unsure how she feels. I have given her and her friend rides home before and she seems cool. We also talk when we see eachother and joke around. Three different people I work thing I should ask her out and one thinks she's into me. When I asked why he said she had this look in her eyes. Keep in mind these people brought the idea up not me. I hadn't even mentioned it. So could they be sensing some chemistry? I Just don't know what to do? Help please?


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  • You won't find anything out asking questions here unless you make a move and ask her out already right? What's the worst that can happen? You ask her out she says yes she likes you. You ask her out she says no then you now know yourself. Girls usually start showing more emotions and expressions after the guy has hinted he likes her. So ask her out and see how it goes. Make sure not to be too straightforward as in use an excuae or topic to ask her out. Have you seen that movie? Oh no but they day its good! Wana watch it? Or make a bet on something and owe her a dinner or lunch. Also if you have mutual friends at work you can go out as a group atfirst , make sure you two are in the comfort zone and maybe later asl her out personally. All the cases goodluck:)


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  • Based on your post, I think it's clear that there's some chemistry. You'll get the date 100 % if you ask. That's not the hard part. When you go on the date you MUST BE SURE TO ESCALATE! If you don't escalate hard on that date you WILL get friend zoned. Make sure you break touch barrier earlier and often. Golden rule is anywhere you'd put an exclamation point or question mark is a good excuse to touch. So yea, take her to a dinner or a concert or something and be sure to escalate fast. Good luck man. Don't get friend zoned, and let us know how it goes