Mutual friend seems interested... Don't know what to do?

I dated my ex for 7 months, but we broke up at the end of August because things weren't going right... The relationship had become platonic. I broke it off and at first he was confused, but we ended it quite amicably.
The problem is that we see each other often because we share a big group of friends. This wasn't a problem until one of the guys (who came in January last year, just when i was beginning to see my ex) started showing signs of being interested... I've always gotten along great with him, and were the circumstances different i might've dated him, but my ex is still here, and i try not toget too close, but it's starting to get a bit obvious: i like boy number 2 and i think he knows it... Should i keep him at arm's length? Not even as a friend?
Some friends tell me it's over, and the ex is leaving to the other part of the country for two years in January... I still don't know if it would be right... I care for my ex and don't want to seem like i just jump from one relationship to the next...


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  • You ended on good terms with you ex, and it has been a few months since you two broke up. He has no claim over you and you should feel free to date whoever you want. anyways if he really is your friend then he probably just wants you to be happy, and shouldn't have any problem with it. if he does have a problem then it is entirely on him and you shouldn't worry about it.


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  • It's been three months. If you ended on good terms, as long as the friend and your ex weren't really close, I would go for it! You wouldn't really be jumping from one relationship to the next, so don't worry about it. Good luck :)