What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn't respond to a text saying it's OK for him to break up with you?

i think my boyfriend thought he was stuck with me so I told him that it was ok if he broke up with me, that all I wanted was for him to b happy, that I still love him and I always will, and that I just wanted him to be able to find some one better if he wanted...and he hasn't texted back yet...(he just moved to canada so I can't call him or anything) what does it mean and what should I do if he doesn't text back?


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  • It's possible that he didn't get the text, but it's also likely that he just doesn't know how to respond.

    It's brave and kind of you to offer him an easy way out, but it's still a pretty tough message to answer. It makes him wonder whether you're really into him and puts him in a spot where he has to make a difficult decision.

    If you can, find a better way for the two of you to communicate - instant messenger, email, Skype, or whatever. Texts are a pretty difficult way to have those kinds of conversations!


What Girls Said 1

  • Wait a day or two and try again. Maybe he thinks you don't want to be with him anymore since you brought up about breaking up. Guys think different then girls, maybe he thought you meet someone else. Since he moved away, he could think it was over anyways. Try to text him again in a day or two, give him a little space. If he doesn't reply. I wouldn't bug him to much more.