Still having sex with ex-boyfriend. Not interested in a relationship?

So I found out my bf of 4 years, was sleeping and in a full-fledge relationship with another woman in another town for almost a year. I found out and after a few months of arguing back and forth, I decided to just leave in August. Me & my ex didn't talk again till the middle of October. We had friendly conversations and eventually started to sleep together again. Im completely done, it is literally JUST sex. He is a nasty man who lied to my face, but the sex is good lol.

the problem is, he is so flip floppy. One minute he knows we aren't together and don't want to be, and the next he's all "i love you". I feel bad but I don't want to date him. I explained we were friends and he said he knew. But I'm confused. There isn't an emotional aspect to the sex. Its just sex for me. However, he annoys me when he makes random comments about missing the 'other' woman after she left (she left right before I found out about it-she contacted me and told me all the details).

What would you do? Stop the sex? I tried and then he gets all "you're being mean to me. Be nice and cuddle with me". Im in a rock and a hard place. He's so depressed about the other woman leaving he is on an anti-represent and sleeps all day.


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  • You are an idiot. Who needs to stop fucking him. There are good guys out there. And while you are wasting time on an expensive dildo in human flesh, all your friends will get married or buy and ox and fuck it, because it will be more faithful that a douche using you to empty his load while he looks for another women to cheat on you with.

    "He is a nasty man who lied to my face, but the sex is good lol." and you are an even nastier female dog to let him plant children like him in you to abuse women in the next generation.


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  • Sounds like he's taking advantage of you. If sex is all you want, do what makes you happy. In the meantime, find someone else.


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  • Girl I understand me and my ex are still having sex too. And the sex is so good. But I think you kinda have an emotional attachment to him to because I have an attachment to my ex no matter what he's done for some strange reason. Maybe we should try to make it work or let it go completely. Because maybe eventually the sex will get old.

  • Forget him after what he did to u he doesn't even deserve ur company