I asked her out, she said no. Then 1 week later she asked me out, WTF?

So I started talking to this girl on Facebook about a month a go. We didn't really know each other. We knew who each other were but never properly met. She added me on Facebook and we got talking. After a few weeks I decided I really wanted to meet up. So I asked her if she wanted to meet up for a drink. She said no. She said the thought of a relationship with anyone freaks her out.

We carried on talking and a week later she asked me out. She did say just as friends. She knows I like her more than just friends.

She must like me too, right? Or am I just getting my hopes up?


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  • Well you should play it by ear go out and enjoy a drink with her if anything happens great if not then at least you had a nice night


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  • Accept it. But make sure not to be really into her. You will make her confused. . Which will keep you in her mind.

  • Don't know hard to say but accept her invitation and make her pay :3


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