What are the obvious signs she's just being friendly?

Guys can't tell the subtle differences between flirting and friendly so what are the obvious differences?


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  • Sometimes I can't tell what my intentions are in myself! If a womon knows that a guy is available or interested in her It's like we will flirt just to see what happens. It's not very nice, is it. However when I really really want a man to know that I am interested, he will know, by the way my eyes make contact with his, by my body language. and by the things that I say. I will make an opening for him to invite me or continue to talk with me. If you don't see or feel these openings, she is probably just being friendly.

    • Then why is it that a woman was showing all those signs and even said yes to a date but later started blanking me.

    • Before the date happened.

    • I wonder if she is having second thoughts. You ask her again. Maybe ask her if you misunderstood her intentions. Let me know. good luck.

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