Was she flirting with me?

Alright, I'm a half Asian half white sophomore and she's a black senior. We're both in JROTC at our high school and we've both been in it for 2 years. Anyway, last week, we had a uniform inspection and usually me and her get inspected first because were both officers. We had a little bit of time before we were gonna get inspected, so we made sure everything looked good. After I'm finished checking myself over, she goes up to me and asks "Hey (my last name), could you lint roll the back of my pants, and turns around, indicating her butt. Me being the awkward moth rather than the social butterfly, grabbed the lint roller and did it like it was a completely reasonable thing to do. Anyway, I'm telling my sister this, and she yells at me and calls me an idiot for completely missing the fact she was flirting with me. Was she flirting? And if she was, what should I do now? I know she still likes me, and I'd be happy to go on a date with her.


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  • Yeah, she was asking you to touch and look at her butt. Go up to her and ask her of she would like to hang out after school

  • Well, silly! obvi she liked you but I understand where you are coming from being an awkward moth myself. She was definatly flirting, and you should talk toher. definatly ask her out on a date love. Good luck!


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