In the friend zone, how to do I get out?

Okay I don't mean get out into a relationship with her because thats not gonna happen i mean cut off contact without being a jerk at work, i didn't realize how deep i was in the friend zone until tonight, i just spent an hr watching a dance movie and helping this girl play words with friends with her sister. I want to kill my self now. Each time we hang out its getting progressively worse, she actually asked me to if i could go into the store and get her tampons yesterday. thing is we went out on a couple of dates and i should have taken the clue when she said she just wanted to be friends but we work together in close proximity and i really don't want to fuck up my workplace too with any drama of ignoring her. How to I cut this off though.


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  • Replace the time you spend with her with other friends our another girl. Gradually keep telling her you're busy.

    She knows she's using you.


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  • Just be honest with her. Tell her that you can't be in a comfortable friendship with her because you developed feelings for her beyond that. Let her know that if she really needs you, you'll always be there to help her, but for the sake of both of you, you need to stop being friends and become more casual.

  • Tell her you're looking for a relationship and you're gonna start dating new girls and just get super busy and slowly disappear.


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  • She knows she's using you dude so I would't worry about being a jerk. You could tell her you like her and spending all this time with someone who's off limits is killing you, but if you want to save face you can gradually put a bit of distance between you.