Has she lost interest? Girls, please help me out!?

We went out on a second date after having a great time on our first. We had a pretty big dinner and went to a cafe afterward, when she said she was starting to get sleepy from all the food. We had tons of eye/physical contact throughout the date, but she asked me to take her home because she was getting really sleepy. She said she had a good time, and that she would see me again but I feel weird about it. I asked what she was doing next week and she said she was really busy with long hours at work for black Friday week (which we had discussed before) but she followed up by saying that she wasn't trying to dodge me.

Do you guys think she was just politely turning me down?


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  • I don't think she was turning you down. She has made it clear on a couple ocassions that she is going to be busy next weekend. Not much she can do about it as she's said it's the Black Friday sales and things will be cray-zayyy! (we've all seen the videos!).

    She also specifically mentioned she was not trying to dodge you. So don't give up on her now.

    Maybe ask her about sometime next week (during the week) or for the weekend after the Black Friday weekend.

    Make plans and see if she follows through. Honestly, eating a lot of food does make you sleepy. I think that she does like you, or else she wouldn't have made a point to say she wasn't dodging you.

    Trust me, give this girl a chance.


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  • She's into you and yes that was a nice way to put it. If you guys a connection then u guys should be together, dont over think it because that can ruin a relationship. If u do have a question for her being busy just ask her. She seems to like you.

  • You're over thinking it; remember that she has a life outside of you, and she really MIGHT be too busy. If she had the decency to assure you that she isn't dodging you, there's no evidence that she is.

  • I don't feel like she's trying to ignore you. The holidays do make it hard for budding relationships. Just give her some time. Just keep in contact.


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