I'm awkward when I find out a guy likes me back, help!

Hi there. So basically everytime i find out a guy likes me or likes me back i either Avoid Them, Ignore Their Texts, or Tell Them I Dont Want to Date. I guess i do this because I've never been in a relationship so i dont really know how to act or anything in a relationship. Any advice?


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What Guys Said 1

  • first of all when u say my back.. how big is it.. second thing you should be happy and proud coz u have something all other girls dont some wish to and go above and beyond just to have half of it..

    second a guy who will talk about it from the first time know that he is looking for someone to stick his thing and move on.. so my advice first reaction was good u liked him go on with it if he talked later about your back just :) and be proud coz his complementing you


What Girls Said 1

  • just relax. let things happen normally if you like the guy and want to be around him. He may be feeling as awkward as you and you can put that into good use by making him feel comfortable.