Do I want my ex bf back?

I broke up w my ex bf. He maybe was my rebound for long term bf. but I did like my rebound bf tho. Anyways I broke up w my rebound bf few months ago. but I want my rebound bf back! since I broke up w him I am only thinking about him and it feels weird cause when I was dating him all I was thinking of was my long term bf (we dated for 4 years then broke up) now I am confused if I fell in love w my rebound bf? Or is it just because he's dating someone new now?


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  • With you having feelings from the past with another half who was a ghost of yesterday, sforthemoon, you found someone who you thought could ease your pain but with no gain Because-----All I was thinking of was my long term bf...
    He was most likely a Rebound Robert who happen to come into your life at the right moment when you needed someone the most. And with breaking off with him, you started feeling lonely again, not Finding anyone else at that moment in time and not even reuniting from the skeleton still in the closet.,,, now, you are back to thoughts of another past that has passed...
    Yes, most likely you are Wanting something back that you know is hands off now. And even if you could get him back in your life and in your clutches tomorrow, it's not a challenge anymore and you would probably end up hurting him again to his core.
    Move on from Both 'Bad' apples, sweetie. I use the word "Bad" not for a sour tad taste in your mouth but because they don't seem to be any good for you as far as One on one end who just rattles your thoughts perhaps every day and this other who didn't bring you any comfort in a hand basket for two.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to shed some light on this here...:)) xxoo


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  • Confusing or what lol. If u are thinking about him and love him then maybe u do so give it a go if he wants to

  • You probably just now have realized what you missed about him and want him back after you have finally gotten over the other guy.

  • lol you must be jelly. wait out till the feelings are gone, try to build a frienship with him and try again years later.
    you have to enter a relationship without using your partner just to make you feel better.

    and the break up part you shoud fight on your own in future


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