Asked a girl for dinner she accepted but never asked me whether it is a date or not? I don't know if she already knows!?

I met this girl this semester and she is in one of my classes. I really like her and we work on assignments together and hang out for quite a while after our class which is always once a week. So a month ago while texting I suggested her to go for dinner with me after our finals and she said she is down. I was really excited but sometimes I tried to read her behavior and felt may be she is not interested coz when we are around sometimes our convos are good and sometimes it is just dead. And one of her close guy friend even told me that she has a bf but never tells anyone. He also told me that her ex was not good with her and all but one day me and her were driving to college and she told herself told me about her ex and that he's a nice guy and they are still good friends. So now I got confused that why would her friend lie about her ex and thought may be he lied about her new bf as well. He also told me that her new bf is of jealous types. So instead of thinking too much about it last Wednesday I asked her "Are you still up for dinner after the exams?" and she said "yeah but I have to make time for it between my work schedule coz I be working full time". I said "no problem coz we will be in touch so we can plan it when you get a day off". So I did that but still I had a doubt that why would she accept to go with me if she has a bf or if she's in a serious relationship like her friend said. One more thing was that does she know I am interested in her coz she never asked me this question-"are we going as on a date or just as friends?" to which I would have told her the truth and it would have been clear for both of us. I also once hinted her while texting her that I wish we could hang out more so I don't know if that was enough to let her know I am interested in her. She is really outgoing with her high school friends and her face lights up if spots anyone of em which is understood and that I just met her this semester. So any advice?


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  • Maybe she thinks it's just hanging out, because you two hang out a lot while studying...

  • It's assumed it's a date


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