Guys and age difference?

Okay so I'm 17 and I never dated, kissed or held hands with a guy. The furthest I went with a guy was hugging. I'm usually attracted to older guys around their 20ies but they see girls my age as kids. My question is would you ever a 17 yr old girl in your early/mid 20ies if not why and how can I approach a guy without being creepy or annoying (I'm a really shy when it comes to guys approaching guys because I'm scared of being rejected and I'm also black so it makes me more scared to approach guys outside of my race).


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  • If I were in my 20's I wouldn't date any girl under 18. The older you get the less an age difference matters


What Girls Said 1

  • Just because a lot of girl your age have already had a relationship (sort of) or any contact with guys, doesn't mean you should have had it too. Honestly, don't rush through these things.. Let it all come naturally. You're still young. A girl who is doing her thing and not minding what the average crowd is doing is pretty much what attracts the most and RIGHT men. Don't be like them and enjoy what you're doing now instead of making something unknown a priority. Guys and love will wait. I hope I made sense lol :)