SO GIRLS ; Why do you think I get friend -zoned in first meeting after Random girls approach me... READ BELOW?

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FOR EXAMPLE: A woman approached me and had a conversation.

She asked questions about myself and I asked about herself. Then we had a general conversation.. a bit.

She seemed to flirt with me'''Touching me , playing with her hair and smiling...

She went quiet and a beggar came up for money.

When the beggar came she wanted to give him 3.50 dollars.

She had 3 dollars and she told me , " Brother could you please spare me 50 cents for this man" .

I was in shock , but gave 50 cents for the beggar.

Then she said thanks and left.




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  • Your personality doesn't match your face at all.

    • What do u mean, bro?

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    • Haha... :) Nah I am frustrated... Like why did this girl call me brother when she was showing interest?

    • Who cares? You crumbled instantly.

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  • You will meet people that will see you as a friend. Majority of the time, you won't have an instant connection with someone you just met. You will have to meet a lot of girls to get to the right one :) this person doesn't know you well enough to friend zone you yet. So, let them get to know you better to see the real you :)
    Ps. you're good looking :)

    • Thanks :) But why did she call me Brother... That is SOOOO friendzoned.

      Like u said I just met her... So how can she say Brother?

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    • You're not ugly :) and like I said, maybe she was interested at first, but didn't find that connection or something when meeting you..

    • But if I am being friend-zoned by random girls who approach me , they must find me creepy.

      I mean girls wouldn't friend-zone a guy they thought was Hot.

  • Not everyone is an instant connection. You never know if the person you are talking to has a boyfriend or whatever.

    And dang, dude... you will definitely be getting your share of flirting from girls. You are hot.

    • Thanks : ) But why would she approach me and flirt and then ask me for 50 cents when there were other people.

      So do women flirt with brothers?

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    • I wasn't going on an assumption you are creepy, of course not.

    • But if I am being friend-zoned by random girls who approach me , they must find me creepy.

      I mean girls wouldn't friend-zone a guy they thought was Hot.

  • They might not like you after a conversation so then friend zone you to make it easier. Girls sometimes are flirty at first especially if they think they might like you- If you look like their type or for other reasons. once she figures she doesn't like your personality or that you wouldn't be a potential person to date she will try to undo all the flirting she just did with a friend zone.

    • Thanks :) But with the above example , how can she friend-zone me in 5 minutes?

      Also most girls say they would NEVER friend-zone a guy they are physically attracted to?

    • Maybe that's the reason she started talking to you, because she thought you were hot. But then as the conversation kept going she didn't really think that you clashed well with her so friend zoned. I have friend zoned a really hot guy before cause he was super cocky.

    • No No... the conversation was plain and simple... we hardly talked much... Imagine ONLY 5 minutes.

      Besides I was nice and smiling... NOT COCKY AT ALL...

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  • Dude, you should be getting laid all the time and I imagine you have no problems with ladies.

    • Hahaha... I have no problem with girls approaching me... But after that I get the brother thing, or girls act different...

      Starting is good... but finishing is a disaster.

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    • Do you look like their brother? That's pretty random to have many girls approach you and call you brother. What do you talk about with them? You aren't asking them to have sex with you and then their number?

    • No I NEVER talk about sex... I find it awkward. They ask questions about me and i ask questions about them... Have a general conversation and have a bit of a laugh.


  • Supplicating, asexual behavior on your part, that's the problem. Why would you give the money other than to please her? She saw it as supplicating, but women don't want men who are weak and give in like that. You also said she was flirting and touching you, but you never mentioned doing it back, or otherwise saying how you were showing interest back, how you were going to try and close the deal with her. So you came off weak and asexual.

    Also a possibility you got scammed by beggars.