I put in my online dating profile that I want to get married was this a big mistake?

I put in my online dating profile that I want to get married was this a big mistake?


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  • Not at all. There are a lot of girls who don't want to get married and aren't looking for anything serious. By stating that you want to get married, you are pushing those girls away and are saving time finding the right woman for you. It is always good to be upfront and honest about your goals. Also, let's say you didn't want to get married. Then it'd be a good idea to put that on your dating profile as well, otherwise a lot of women who do want to get married would get their heart broken when they learn that you don't want that type of commitment. So I'd say you did the right thing by putting on there that you'd like to get married :)

    • I don't care about finding the right woman I care about finding A woman now.. I used the wrong word marriage I should have said monogamous

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    • I'll do whatever she wants


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  • At over 35 I think it's valid to put in that you are looking to settle down now. Don't sound too desperate though, you still want to make sure the viewer is the right person before making such a decision.

    • I'll change my wants to whatever they want. I'm too old to be picky

  • Not if that's your goal. It's best to be upfront with your wants.

    • I will put all my wants a side if I can get a girlfriend

    • That's a bad idea. The relationship is ultimately doomed if you are not on the se page