Boys! What do you look for in a woman's personality?

It says it up there man ^^^^


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  • Positive traits
    not taking everything so damn seriously (come on, if we can't make one joke, you're just uptight and need to remove the stick from your arse), having self respect, knows what she wants (you're allowed to not have opinions, but if you constantly change them when it comes to everything it's just annoying), compassion and sympathy, independency (we're your bf, not your daddy. We appreciate your company, but you need to be able to deal with your own life).
    There are probably more, but these are what my dead tired mind can come up with at 8.16 in the morning...

    • oh by the way, i didn't include the obvious ones like kind, faithfull, and that yadda yadda yadda... simply because i really damn hope you know that allready!


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  • Same thing you look for in a man pretty much. Funny, intelligent, respectful, flirty, confident yadda yadda yadda

  • how big the pair of them are ;)

    • shape also helps

  • You did not just take "belladonna's" name... been there.. don't do that.
    as for your personality, you can't beat "compromising" hon. the moment you realize that you don't want to be changed completely but can't change a guy completely either... You would be in the perfect position. the best position is to always agree to what your man says, but this is the 21st century anyway... too many dumb women.

    • Bella donna? ya know that's a song right lol I chose it cause its by Stevie nicks and one of ma favorite songs... and I was just curious since boys are really mysterious to me lol

    • they should be mysterious, at your age. Girls were mysterious to me too. but before you start getting all complicated with them, understand that they are simple. we don't nit-pick like you women do. You may like a guy but stop liking him because he is not one of the "popular kids" or his "nose is too long". Guys don't care about minor things like that (mostly). If your personality is right, which means you act like a lady, he will have no choice but to act right. So what do we look for in a woman's personality? we look for a woman. or a lady. doesn't fully answer your question but thats what you get for asking such a broad question lol :)

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