Is it love? Is it attraction?

How do people realize they have met the love of their life? I mean I am sometimes not able to differentiate between love and attraction, as to whom do i Love and whom am I attracted to?
Everyone is welcome with their opinions!


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  • Attraction is when you feel butterflies in your tummy but love is when your entire body wants you to be with him and it happens even when that person is not around


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  • I think that love is when you know you kick in your sleep and that they steal the covers and you want noting more than to fall asleep next to them and when you think your bed head makes you look like your from an eighties metal band and they think their morning breath killed the neighbors cat and you still want nothing more than to wake up next to them. if you don't feel similar to that then it's probably not love

    • Hahahaha, I am 75% more sure of my feelings after reading your answer. Thanks sweetie! :)