I've noticed all these gym guys girls like have tattoos. Do I have to go get some tattoos now? They love them?

I've noticed all these gym guys girls like have tattoos. Do i have to go get some tattoos now? They love them

I'm not talking about friends I'm talking about girls. I'm watching an infomercial on weight training and all the guys have tattoos


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  • That's not for you my friend, your style is not like that going out and getting Tats on your body just to pick up one of those biker kind of girls that have many of them.. The same thing goes for me as well we don't drink and get all crazy, we are good down to earth family guys.

    • So are you saying im a square, i had another friend tell me oh you're not the tattoo type.. I got so mad

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    • Yes i do want those girls..

    • Then that's why your having problems already like with your x... Why do you want trash bags in your life? Then the next thing you know you caught something. You will see those kind of girls that you like cheat all the time and I know you won't like that.


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  • No because if you were really meant to be friends they wouldn't care if you had a tattoo and getting a tattoo if you don't believe in it is a mistake. You can't generalize all people who go to the gym. Not every single one of them has a tattoo. Or at least not in my gym. For some reason it seems to be sticking out to you but regardless of whether or not you get a tattoo this idea of everyone in the gym having a tattoo thing is a little unrealistic.

    • I go to LA Fitness and most members have Tats

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    • Everyone has tattoos there and i feel like a square

    • That's very RUDE of you to say this of people who have tattoos...

      It is of something special in my life lol.. just an excuse for them to want to look cool

      You just mocked and insulted people with tattoos!!!

      And if your personality stinks.. which yours seems to do.. NO tattoos won't help you!!!

  • personally, I prefer guys with a tattoo or two, but every girl has different preferences. So only get a tattoo if you actually want one.

    • What so great about tattoos? Youd reject a guy just cuz his skin isn't drawn on.. ? look at me I Drew on myself

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  • A tattoo will stop the good from coming to you.

    Possibley the problem with women is you and not the ink. Ink turns off more people than it turns on.

    • Seriously I have witnessed chicks go crazy over this

    • How am i the problem?

  • jay cutler ronnie coleman arnold swartzenegger all greats in bodybuilding history free of tatoos boom!