What can I text a guy that will guarantee to put a smile on his face?

What can I text this guy I've been seeing, that will put a smile on is face.? and have him thinking about me all day?


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  • I sent this to my guy 'Friend';

    Know what makes me happy wen you msg me? Not ur jokes, Graphics or sweet msgs but ur NAME that "APPEARS" on the call when it beeps knowing that you remember me.!

    His reply: Awww, that's nice. (and so on...don't wanna really get into that lol)

    But I liked it, and I know he did. lol but it's just a suggestion :)


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  • tell him "Can't stop thinking about you. Haven't seen you all day, yet you still manage to make my day." or something cute like that. I love cute little messages from my girl.

    mine also once replied to me when I wished her sweet dreams that her "dreams were only sweet when I was in them".



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  • well if you want it to sexy but subtle say something like "i've been thinking about you " but if you want to put it out there say "i want you"

  • well when I text a guy I keep it random. they don't like to talk about one thing for long. maybe it depends on the guy, but with my best friend I'm into, I literally keep it off-the-wall random and he loves it.

    • Like what...?

      sorry just looking for ideas!

    • Well, he knows I'm a crazy kind of girl, I'm very bold. I might say "i want an albino zebra... are they all white or all black? could I dye it purple? imma name it Alfonzo" or something kinda retarded.