Is She My Girl? Read PLEASE?

Look , I've been talking to this girl ever since October I ask her do she want to be my girlfriend in the middle of October and she said no ( with a smirk on her face ) . But we continue on talking in person , meeting up , and on the phone all the way through October. So I whine up buying her flowers on Nov 5 and I can never forget her smile when she saw me bring them through the rain. Later on her birthday was coming ( Nov 18 ) and I told her I want to take her out around that time. When the time came we went to the movies , she ate my popcorn , drunk my soda and share a kiss , I even almost got in a fight while saying she mine but at the end she didn't want me to walk her home. So now a couple days go by and I ask were do I stand? , what are we in? and she say I don't know. wtf? is up what is she playing or what?

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  • If you asked if you are a couple and she said she doesn't know then it either means she's waiting for you to ask her to be in a relationship or she's not interested. The thing is plenty of girls still assume that you're only a couple after a guy has formally asked you out. Till then it's just "dating" and not a actual relationship. Have you expressed to this girl that you have feelings for her? Perhaps it's time to sit down and talk about it instead of trying to figure it out based on assumptions.


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  • She doesn't like you as much as you like her. You can try to change her mind or you can forget this girl.

  • She is not YOUR girl. You are not even dating. You are already too attached. She doesn't seem that interested.


What Guys Said 2

  • Wait for another month doing these stuff & we'll see if it can make work.

  • Gold digger. She used u lel