Is she cheating or should I forget about it?

Okay so we're both 18. I've been 'seeing' this girl for about 7 months now and we've had our fair share of arguments but I'm kind of skeptical about starting another one. Basically I found out yesterday that even though we had been seeing each other for three months she was texting one of my close friends (she didn't know I knew this guy) and she agreed to meet up with him but when she found out I was close friends with him she never mentioned meeting up with him again and stopped talking to him. We aren't officially going out but do you guys and girls think I should confront her about this because I honestly do feel betrayed but am I in the right to be mad seeing as we are not an official couple? Thanks in advance :) Just thought I'd let you know that around the time she was texting him she was telling other girls to back off from me because they were flirting with me.


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  • As long as you are not my official bf. I am right to date another guy. What you can do is be her official bf.


What Guys Said 1

  • If you're not "officially going out", what she does is not any of your business. So no, don't confront her.