She said she has a date?

hello, I was trying to make plans with this chick - we were thinkibg about a Friday but then she said she had a date on that day so was too busy to see me. Im not bothered she has a date but one thing that did click in by head was how she brazenly just put it out there - we all date multiple people im sure, but you wouldn't be dumb enough to let them know about eachother right?


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  • she either just sees u as a friend or not interested or trying to make u jealous i told a guy that i was seeing n was like in love with i was on a date wen he asked to catch up but i did that because he stood me up so many times n was playing mind games with me

  • maybe she didn't want to lie to you. your not her bf so if she went out with another guy she wouldn't be doing anything wrong. or she could be trying to make u jealous


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