Am I just a friwnd or does he want more? How do I get him to chase me?

Been good friends with this guy for awhile and I am starting to have feelings for him. Signs he might like me back is he gives me hugs and kisses me on the forehead. He would nudge me playfully and tease me. He never talks about other girl. What can I do to make him chase me?


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  • Why make him chase you? Should be past that stage. Just make him yours and be done with it

    • 2nd. Remember it's only game if you make it one. Otherwise just ask the dude on a date.

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  • Getting guys to try to chase girls is stuff you do when you're in middle school. Your profile states you're over 35. Most people (especially women) of that age are usually are bit more direct and self confident in what they want and how they go about getting it.

  • Why make him chase you? Stop playing games and just go for it already. I really don't understand these games. Smh


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