When to ask her out?


there's this girl in my school i really like. She's in year below me in high school, I'm in year 11 and she's in year 10. However, I'm kind of shy to talk to her but I did yesterday and I think it went well, we were waiting outside one of the school building and she even gave me a chewing gum. Then we held a causal convo.

After that my friends were talking to her friends and I spoke to her and one of her friends. Then her friend went somewhere and we were on our own. Then out of nowhere I got pooed on by a bird! It landed on my head! Total embarrassment!! I went to wash it off in the toilet and then came back. Talked for a few seconds then lunch ended.

But today, she was walking past with that same friend and she didn't even say hi, her friend said as a joke to me "don't get pooed on by a bird again!" They laughed and carried on walking.

But my question is, should I ask her out in the middle of some conversation or just when she's alone? And in what way should I ask her out? I've never had a girlfriends before so in kinda clueless at dating!!!


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  • Lol I don't know why I read your post in a British accent you typing is so proper it's adorable!!! Anyways I think you should just have a normal convo with her and be like "do you want to go get ice cream sometimes" or like see a movie or grab a drink so it shows that your into her but your not directly asking her out then you guys can grow from there

    And and and if she's bitch who's rejects you and then goes around telling everybody you could be like "yeah she's cute but I just really wanted some ice cream" or " I just couldn't find anybody to go to the movies with" but that scenario has a low chance of happening so you're good

    Good luck buddy!!!

    • Hi, cheers for your answer! I am going to carry on talking to her, to get to know her a bit better. Then I'm going to ask her out to the movies. Ice cream is a bad idea at this time of the year! It's freezing here!!

      Should I ask her for her number aswell if she says yes or is that a bad idea?

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    • Lol hopefully he's still with her & yeah I think movies is a good idea. You MUSSSTTTTT PULL THROUGH ON IT THIS TIME OKAYYY? 👌👌👌👍👍 you'll do just fine

    • Yeah I will try today! Hopefully all goes well. The weird thing is she seems to delete the instagram pictures that I've not liked. Very strange.


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  • Don't do it a around her friends trust me its harder because there watching and besides you should focus on being closer to her , try Bering closer first then ask her out she may reject you if you quickly ask Herr..


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  • ask her soon before she friendzones you its the worst thing that can happen and you lose the girl of your dreams

  • The time is now.

  • you better be frnds with her for now... and have casual talks and when time comes ask her out for a movie... she won't say no!