How to go about trying to casually date people now that were into holiday season?

I find it tough to casually date people during the holidays just cause its that time of year and find people might be looking for more serious relationships that say during summer. but at same time is some more oppurtunities to meet people for dating purposes. I'm just not sure how to go about things this time of year


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  • It's easier during the holidays because people are more desperate. No one wants to be alone this time of year


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  • I was told guys dont like getting in relationships between Thanksgiving and Valentine's day because a lot of girls find that time they expect presents and gifts. It bothers me because im not like that at all, and im wondering if the guy I like isn't interested in pursuing right now because of it. Totally disheartening.

    • the buying things aspect doesn't bother me , I would have enough money to buy her a gift and would enjoy buying her a gift. I just haven't found anyone to date

    • I wouldn't rush it. Unless you find a genuine girl. I just know a lot of chicks who are shallow this time of year :/ It would definitely nice to share this time with someone but Im cool with not looking and something happening cause you never know.

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  • You want a hookup? New Year's eve. That night everybody wants to kiss someone, those who are single don't want to start the year being alone, so many of them are pretty desperate.
    I'm not saying this is the best option, of course, but I believe it's the easiest.

    • new years is tough around here cause its winter so roads are bad to drive places late at night , its also more "private parties " by invite only and what bars are open want way more money than normal just to get in , one I go to on Saturdays often wants $50 and another was $20 that was just to get in door and doesn't include drinks

    • Yeah that's the problem with New Year's, but it's the best option. Maybe if you go to clubs another day, you can still find people that are desperate to be with someone on Christmas.