Guys using coupons when paying for dates cool or not cool?

So if you met a guy and he used coupons when paying for dates what do you think?

Do you think he's smart and knows how to save his money and uses coupons to help his budget?


Do you think he's a cheapskate who doesn't like paying for dates?

  • Smart and knows how to save his money
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  • Cheapskate who doesn't like paying for dates
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm in college. Coupons are the way to eat food.

    If I were older and he had a career and he only paid with coupons I'd be confused.

    Also, if he was like, "Hey I have a giftcard to Pizza Hut, want to get pizza?" that' MUCH different then, "Let's get Pizza Hut!" and then he whips out a giftcard to pay for it.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Coupons are fine, but don't let it dictate the date. Just because you have a coupon to Dennys' doesn't mean we can't go to Applebee's. It'd be rude for a guy to ask me where I wanted to go, I suggest one place and he suggests something else just because he has a coupon. It doesn't matter if he's paying this time or it's my turn; don't let the coupon decide. If you both decide where to go and you just happen to have a coupon then, sure.

  • If a girl thought he was a a cheapskate then maybe she should pay! and if she thought that way then obviously all she wants is money #GoldDigger

  • First off: smart, frugal, good qualities. Forget the bells and whistles... and I am not against paying for a date.

  • As long as it is not our first date, it is cool :)

    • Why not on the first but ok with the rest?

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    • What if he explains that its a habit he has and does it for everything he buys?

    • @kain7th then i wouldn't mind even if he uses coupon in general. Also, I don't mind even splitting the bill or he can buy me dinner and i can pay for desserts lol. I just feel like it would be "nicer" if he pays for the first meal together lol.

What Guys Said 2

  • Haha save the coupons for another time. in my opinion

  • I wouldn't use a coupon in the first set of dates. Maybe when she feels your money is her money to it would be alright ;)